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{ ALL IN } Travel, WIPs & eenie meenie…

Ive been quiet, I know! It usually means our lives have been filled & therefore busy.

Beginning of last week I started on a dress which I hoped would be finished by the time I had to travel on sunday morning…alas, it was not, but it is coming together nicely so far. NL6242_mid

Yip, we jetted off to the UK, arrived early sunday evening, straight off to friends for sunday dinner. The hubster needed to be in a meeting first thing monday morning so I took the chance to catch up with a friend while we visited Cliveden nearby. Tuesday I assisted the hubster with some work related stuff in the morning, before we set out to the stores to shop all the goodies we long for but dont get here at home….ie. Bovril was first on our list 🙂 Tuesday evening we were invited to more friends for dinner so we had long days filled with love & laughter all round. Wednesday we flew home late afternoon.

We should be spending more time in the UK in the coming months (providing we get this contract) so I look forward to meeting up with some of you UK sewcialists should I be there when you have your get-togethers etc….I missed the UK! Might I even go so far as to say the weather was a welcome relief from the 40 degrees we had last Thursday in our ‘hood…why thank you, I just might.

I used to be all over summer but these days Autumn is more my thing. Last week I battled to work in the { SEWING SAUNA }. I resorted to stripping down to almost nothing which helped somewhat. Im sure thats too much info for you all { SORRY }. Anyway, back to the UK, everything felt so familiar & I wont lie & say I couldnt have been bothered not hearing Deutsch for 3 days but as always, its  good to be home too!

There is nothing quite like jumping into your { OWN } bed after travels…or arriving home to a healthy looking package containing a selection good enough to eenie meenie miney mo…IMG_0987

Peeps, I splurged….on dye!!

Last week I realised I was having such fun with dyeing things I just want to do more, more, { MORE }.  My mind is racing with colour. Here in mainland Europe, its hard to find liquid dye. In fact, the only dye I could lay my hands on was powder dye which in my opinion is not nearly as accurate or consistent as liquid dye. Yes the RIT liquid dye is more expensive, yes its a beeeatch to find this side of the pond but I found these at Minerva Crafts & I ain’t looking back. I still want to experiment with natural dyes but from what Ive read thus far, natural dyes are colour limiting & the results are inconsistent even when handled by dye specialists. So, being the instant gratification monster that I am, liquid dyes will have to do.

Being thrown out of routine for a few days meant I did no blog arriving home to Bloglovin’ and seeing I had more than 600 blog posts to read freaked me out….311 of those were sewing related. I will admit to skipping through many of them because I simply dont have the time to read 311 posts immediately but rest assured, I will get through them because reading blogs is one of my all time favourite things to do….reading anything really 🙂

So my lovelies, its good to be back. Im going to get stuck into finishing my dress and photographing the bolero knit I finished some time ago but was too lazy busy to photograph and also, getting down ‘n dirty with some dye.  Next week another { TIPTRICK TUESDAY } & hopefully some more sewing.

Wherever you are, have a lovely weekend xx



4 thoughts on “{ ALL IN } Travel, WIPs & eenie meenie…

  1. Oh, I can’t wait to see this dress finished!!!I I LOVE that swirly grey and white fabric with the orange piping. So intrigued…..I hope you are having fun on your holiday in London!

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