{ KNITTING } 90% and loading…

knit_shawl_90Ive been a very lazy knitter lately, mostly because the weather has been a humdinger!

With summer comes the extra long days and where I would usually be bundled up on the couch watching the news, Mythbusters or perving over Harvey Specter while I knit away, Im now still watering the plants & sipping spritzers al fresco while I terrorize the neighbours cats from our garden. I like cats, I do, but there’s a reason I dont have cats so I { DEFINITELY } dont want my neighbours cats lurking because well…I dont want cat shit in my garden.! I have tried everything to keep them out, it all only works for a day or two & then they back. Pepper, hosepipe. I do a great evil stare. Short of getting a dog, Im outta ideas. I have heard the sensor sprinklers work but I cant find one locally & Ive been too forgetful in looking for one online.  Anyone have any ideas or tips on how to keep unwanted cats out?

But I digress, back to knitting – the last couple of days I have re-applied myself to the little shrug-type-bolero-thingie I had started & its safe to say Im around 90% of the way. I had started using a pattern but it all went pear shaped within the first couple of rows.. I carried on doing my own thing so lets see how it turns out shall we…

Do you find it difficult to knit in the summer months ?


2 thoughts on “{ KNITTING } 90% and loading…

  1. We had that problem with some strays, I just live-trapped them and dropped them off at a friend’s farm to help keep the mice in their grainary under control. She said a couple of them stayed and have been excellent and the other ran away. Although if these have owners you’ll have to figure something else out….I like the auto-on sprinkler idea, that sounds like it would work really well.

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