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{ VOGUE 2091 OOP } “Hang my head in shame” dress…

I am embarrassed to say Ive had this V2091 pattern, now OOP, since 2001 & never made it…hence the title!

But the shame ends there peeps. V2091_front

This little number is gorgeous in every way – comfortable, easy to sew & versatile. What more could we want from a pattern right. & since this is my first me-made LBD, I couldn’t be more satisfied with the result.

Im not sure why it took me 12 farkin’ years..since it requires no zip or button or any of that crap, it really is probably one of the most rewarding 1 hours Ive ever spent in front of my  Sapphy.  { YEEHAA }. The last DKNY pattern I sewed was the V1027 & I fell head-over-heels for that one so Im thinking I may be developing a serious crush on these DKNY numbers.V2091_backSo below, the details of whats & hows :

{ DESCRIPTION } DKNY Pullover, tapered dress with right side pleats

{ FABRIC USED } Black cotton knit jersey – 2 way stretch

{ SIZING } I cut the 12 & decided to wing it. Sizing turned out great – no thanks to the stretch & the spanx!!

{ INSTRUCTIONS } Easy, simple. Had me snookered for a second at the construction of the darn cap sleeves but otherwise A-OK.

{ CHANGES } None – however next time I do plan to increase the width of the shoulders slightly.

{ LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY } * Super easy, this is beginner frockery at its { BEST }

{ TIME } 1 hour, no serious!

{ SUM IT UP }  Easy, comfortable, simple, classy, casual but can be dressed up ….in one word { MAGIC }.V2091_boatneck


I look forward to making many many many more of these. Im thinking I should be trying View C next.

Thanks for visiting lovelies…trust you all had a fabulous weekend x

18 thoughts on “{ VOGUE 2091 OOP } “Hang my head in shame” dress…

    1. thanks so much & its genius in the sense that you can wear it with some cute sandals for a casual look or you can wear killer heels & go effortless chic…its a favourite!!

  1. Saw you and this on Pattern Review. I love the website. It’s refreshing to return to sewing and have such resources we didn’t used to have.
    It’s a lovely dress. I should try some of these “one hour” tops or dresses.
    Could I make a little comment about the sleeve hem? Unless it’s your intent to have the hem sit a little higher than the cap sleeve, if you take the time to hand baste the hem – I’d use a double thread – it will help keep you from stretching the fabric when you stitch it. It’s so hard to tell while you are sewing. With the basting, it gives you a guide and keeps you from stretching more than you want to.
    Thanks for your review!

    1. Thank you. Yes, the capped sleeve is a mystery however when I make it again (thanks for the reminder) I’m going to do my own cap sleeve & ignore these sodding instructions 🙂

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