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{ STORAGE } Genius solutions…

Lately I found my sewing table looking like a bit of a jumble sale – rulers, patterns, chalk, know, all the necessary sewing crappola one needs at hand. I just couldn’t function any longer with the clutter around my machine so I knew I needed to find a solution….& { FAST }.

May I introduce the latest member to my sewing family – the Raskog trolley courtesy of Ikea! { YES PLEASE }.


Ive had her around a week & Im already in love – cant get enough infatuation & I havent even made use of all of her yet.

I swiftly moved all the crap off my sewing table & into the trolley & instantly my head felt lighter. Now she goes where I go & all my crap goes with her. { GENIUS HUH }


5 thoughts on “{ STORAGE } Genius solutions…

  1. I have a similar thing under the table near my knees, but wondered if there was a pattern for an around the neck kind of thing? Or perhaps I need to make holders or something – you’ve got me thinking now!

    1. true – if you’ve watched any of the short chanel films online then you will probably have noticed the “bibs” the couture ladies wear that holds their pins, scissors etc – shouldn’t be too hard to make. the only things i have left on my table now is my machines/s & directly in front of the machine is my small pair of scissors & my magnetic pin holder. EVERYTHING else has been mobiled { BLISS } !

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