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{ FRIDAY FAVOURITE } Smocked loveliness…


When I think back to my childhood & see pics of what I was wearing, there were an awful lot of smocked dresses & tops, in quality fabrics, made so beautifully. Its kinda sad that we dont see this kind of baby/kids clothing anymore. I still have a lot of my baby clothes…something my mother insisted on keeping!

Smocking is a technique I have always wanted to learn…but it does scare me a little, much like making fitted pants. { YAWZA } terrified.

Anyone have experience with smocking? Any reliable online resources you can recommend??


5 thoughts on “{ FRIDAY FAVOURITE } Smocked loveliness…

  1. Smocking is not as difficult as it looks. I fell in love with the smocked christening dress that Vogue patterns produces (produced?), and made one for my 2nd daughter. That got me hooked! Then I discovered Australian Smocking & Embroidery (sadly discontinued) at my local bookstore, and subscribed. I found the quite repetitiveness soothing and a de-stressing exercise in the evenings when my kids were little.

    1. Thanks for sharing – Im loving smocking at the moment, I seem to see it everywhere I look. Its definitely a craft I would love to do but with knitting & sewing & painting – Im wondering if Im being greedy πŸ™‚

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