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{ DYEING } How to ombre…

Ive had a few emails requesting advice on how to dye to achieve the ombre effect which I posted about here. So I thought I would give advice via a post & share what I have learnt about dyeing.

Before I go on, I want to say that I am not a dyeing expert nor have I been doing this for very long. What I know I have learnt by trial & error, research & by using my common sense and what I know about fabrics & colour.

So, one of the questions I received was this :


Well, most dye packaging will give you an indication of how much fabric vs dye you will need to obtain a certain level of colour or vividness. For example, my bottle of dye recommends that 600g of fabric will give an intense colour, if I had to double on the fabric I would get a more muted shade & if I were to add a further 600g it would be an even paler shade. Also, the longer you leave the fabric in the dye, the darker your fabric will become however this is only to a point &  no further.

Also, to intensify your colour you can let your fabric dry thoroughly before doing a second dye { JUST TO THE MOST INTENSE PART OF THE OMBRE } because if you try to go further you may disturb the effect of the ombre.

The most critical part of dyeing is fixing the colour in using a colour fixer & salt. Some dyes have the colour fix & salt already added however real dye requires you add the salt & fixer after or during the process.


This depends on the intensity you are wanting to achieve however I use the following guide I found on pinterest…ombre_guide

I like to start at the top & work my way down because the dye will naturally run downwards as you move the fabric out.

If you are dyeing a blouse then hang it on a hanger as you normally would. If you are dyeing a flat piece of fabric then peg it to a hanger to make it easier. I do this in my bathroom using a large square tupperware/tub & I position it under one of my mobile clothes rails. My clothes rail has adjustable sides (from Ikea), so I just have to adjust the rail height to have the fabric sit at a level permanently.  I dip dye until Im happy with the overall colour & then I let it dry.


Be extra careful with its first wash after dyeing…colour will run somewhat so wash like with like as you normally would however Ive found that washing the first one or two washes in cold water, by hand, helps with keeping my white parts white.

Hope this helps with your dyeing projects.

The last week or so we have had amazing weather, 33+ degrees so I have been taking advantage of being outdoors & sorting out our patio for summer. Also, we have guests arriving today so my sewing room has been transformed into a 3rd bedroom for the kiddo…I have a few projects to share, just haven’t had the time to process pics, write posts etc….I will get onto it as soon as the craziness subsides.

Thanks for stopping by x



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