{ DYEING } Ombre…

Over the weekend I found a bit of dye I had left over from something…I think it was used to dye a pair of jeans somewhere along the line.

I had this MANGO white cotton blouse that needed some attention so I decided…. { WHY NOT }…


The ombre effect came out better than I was expecting. Since denim seems to be all the rage at the moment, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon – only now I can pair this “denim look” with actual denims without offending those that think denim top & bottom is { OTT } 🙂

I especially loved that the stitching did not take on the dye & stayed white.ombre_stitching


I would like to experiment with more dyeing…Anyone have experience ?

Id like to try natural dyes though because this one had a bit too much of a funky smell for me. There are stacks of foods, spices & plants that render natural colour so Im looking forward to giving some things a go.

Thanks for stopping by x


12 thoughts on “{ DYEING } Ombre…

  1. I love the ombre effect! Looks like we both had the same thing in mind over the weekend. I just posted about a top that I restyled and dyed. Just as your threads didn’t take the dye, mine didn’t either…neither did the buttons, but I love the look! I would love to see what yo learn about the natural dyes!

  2. I tried to re-dye some towels once, and it was a mess. I’ve never worked up the nerve to try again. But, your blouse turned out very pretty, and I think it will look great with jeans! 🙂

  3. What a beautiful result! I haven’t dyed anything since I was a teenager and my mum was not happy about having her washing machine full of black dye and loads of salt … I am tempted to give this a go on a plain white shirt I have that looks a bit dull. How did you do the ombré effect?

    1. Hi,& thanks for visiting. To get the ombré you really need to do one quick dip to the level you want to take the colour. Then dip the garment lower for a bit longer eg. 5 min & then a little longer to the darkest bit eg. 10min. I will do a more in-depth post since I’ve had quite a few questions emailed so keep a look out for that soon.

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