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{ WIP’s } Slowly slowly catch a monkey…


Ive been feverishly working to get “a certain project” completed – all my time & effort of the last week has gone into it…almost, almost done.

Home stretch.

Cant wait to share.


This morning I woke up with sore throat, the sniffs blah blah….so Ive been feeling sorry for myself most of the day!

I should have smelt the rat on Wednesday when my head was pounding. I put it down to the stress of Tuesday.

You see my lovelies, I had my first German exam on Tuesday & I PASSED. Ecstatic does not begin to describe…


I also managed to finally get the tripod & wireless remote for my camera sorted – I know!! Ive only been talking about it for 6 months. So look forward to better pics of my me-mades.


See, Im catching monkeys left, right & centre.


5 thoughts on “{ WIP’s } Slowly slowly catch a monkey…

      1. haha! No way on the kitchen project! We’re held up by the cabinet installers who need to replace some damaged panels. Once they finish their work I’m sure it will progress! I’m hoping for Christmas! πŸ˜‰

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