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{ OVERLOCKER } Whats going on with Ellie ?…

A few years ago I was all { RA-RA GA-GA } over my overlocker and rightfully so. I had been sewing for years without one so when that day came that finally I could whizz all my seams through Ellie, I started that baby up & never looked back. A machine that could make my sewing look neater & more polished  made me feel like sewing just got a million times better. I relied on her like my life depended on it, even though on more than one occasion it  ate through parts of garments I didnt want eating through & made me cry too many times to mention…

About a year or so ago I just fell out of love with Ellie. It wasnt the crying or the perfect seams…it was more our relocation. I packed her up & when we moved into our new house, I just didnt feel the need to unpack her as urgently as my Sapphy. I realised that I was quite happy to sew without her & it gave me the opportunity to explore the alternatives.

Its been a year since I last used Ellie (I feel like Im part of an substance abuse group admitting that…hahaha) & Im so proud of myself for being able to live without a { NEED } for her. Its forced me to think of creative ways to finish seams & this may sound cookoo, but its given me a new appreciation for french and hong kong seams, for pinking shears & bindings. In a way, its forced me to not be such a lazy & uninspired sewer. That & the fact that I havent had to purchase 4 huge cones of thread every time I want to sew a new colour is a little added bonus….oh & no tears over big nasty mistakes either 🙂

So saying all of this doesnt mean I will never use my Ellie again….of course not…Im just going to be far more selective about when & how I use her in the future.

Do you rely on { YOUR } Ellie for everything? Have you ever thought about the alternatives to overlocking? Or have you also managed to ration its usage ?

Id love to hear your stories.

Thanks for stopping by x


5 thoughts on “{ OVERLOCKER } Whats going on with Ellie ?…

  1. Hmmm…I love my serger, but I never bother with having a ton of thread colors–I keep black, white, cream, and grey on hand, and occasionally I’ll buy a cone of a color to use in the loopers if I feel like it might need it. Which honestly, is often a waste because the neutrals hide just as well or better anyway, unless I were to put my clothes on wrong side out…. As for seam finishing, a lot of times I just flat don’t have the patience for Hong Kong/binding, my pinking shears are so hard to cut with that my hands are killing me within like 2 minutes, and I use my serger for french seams on the rare occasions that I do them.

    I am sorry that you aren’t excited about yours anymore. They’re sure expensive to not get much use. 😦

    1. Im excited about Ellie, Im just not AS excited about her as I was. Taking a break from her was not planned, it just happened & I feel like Im all the better for it. Dont be sad, she will be used again…I promise 🙂

  2. I rely heavily on my serger, as I run a custom sewing and alterations business. So,for a quick turnaround, I NEED mine. Occasionally, I tend to use other methods to finish off my seams. But, I also use my serger for decorative stitches as well; I use it for my rolled hems for my formals, etc. So, it is a necessity for me.

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