{ SPIRIT } is here…

Kim Hargreaves has released the new spring/summer book & it does not disappoint….. { SPIRIT } is here!

How beautiful are some of these designs?! cheeky_kimhargreaves_spirit



{ all images via kim hargreaves }

Knitting does not exactly conjure up spring or summer thoughts but for those still chilly-ish evenings, these totally work. When I lived in both Holland & the UK, it seemed like I always needed a cardi or something warmer in the evenings irrelevant of the season.  Also, by just changing the colour of yarn, you can make a design work for autumn or winter too.

Love this new book however of the 21 designs, only 2 are suitable for novice knitters. The majority of the designs are suitable for knitters with a little experience so I would try although, since good quality yarn is fairly pricey these days, I would hesitate in purchasing this book based on my skill level.

Im looking forward to seeing what the ladies over on Ravelry make from this collection. Happy Knitting x




5 thoughts on “{ SPIRIT } is here…

  1. I ‘m especially in love with the top two! How long does it take a knitter to put wither of those together? And, where do you resource nice knits from. Just asking out of curiosity, I’m not a knitter. 🙂

    1. Hey A, yeah isnt the little peplum knit so cute!? I purchase all my yarn from Deramores. They are based in the UK but I adore how super fast they are & they have a great range of yarns & patterns/books. Regarding how long- it really depends on how much time you have for your knitting. If you knit in the evenings in front of the telly then I would say the peplum number should take a month or so…well, thats at least how long it would take me! 🙂 Im novice!!

  2. HI there Angelique. I only just discovered your comment on my blog from last month giving me a Liebster Blog Award. Thank you so much for saying hi and being so kind. I really appreciated it. I had a problem with my blog as I use the Disqus commenting system but I forgot to add it to my pages so any comments on them disappeared into the google system, which I don’t receive notifications for – I just stumbled across a heap of comments while I was doing some blog housekeeping. I am so glad I did – I love your blog. You take the most beautiful photos and your makes are exquisite!

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