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{ MMMAY’13 } Week 2 & other questions…

I sucked so bad last week with the me-mades….Bloody hell, I managed one day…

& if I have to be 100% honest, it wasnt even a full day because I took the darn pullover off half way through the day because I got itchy hot!

{ Day 7  } mmmay2013_day7{ PULLOVER/JERSEY } : Me-made  Smoulder 

 Moving swiftly on from the { FAIL } of last week…

Its been 16 weeks since I broke my ankle & as you know, the recovery was slow & believe it or not my ankle is still not 100% recovered. I still have swelling & dull ache especially in the night but its bearable & I know its not going to be completely healed for quite some time. Irrelevant, I had to start my exercise routine up again so I started jogging & Ive found that its working wonders for both my mind & my body.

It got me thinking about how to handle my sewing. How am I going to keep sewing & maintaing a good fit with my weight loss? Do I need to give up my sewing until Ive reached my goal? Should I sew for the size I am at that particular time & then do alterations? Do I sew for my goal size or do I resort to baggier me-mades until I hit my goal?? the mind boggles.

The DKNY V1027 I made a few weeks ago is already too big! Ok, it was roomy when I finished it but now that Ive shed a few, its already fast becoming unwearable.

So I would love to hear if any of you have had to consider these thoughts before & how you dealt with it. Any tips/tricks are welcome…

Thanks for stopping by x


6 thoughts on “{ MMMAY’13 } Week 2 & other questions…

  1. I had the same problem, but more accidentally. I got sick for a while and lost too much weight, than when I put it back on, it went on in places that it wasn’t before, even though the scale was the same. So, basically, I had to just buy new clothes. (I didn’t sew at that time). I suppose you could make very simple clothes for now that are easy to alter (take in) so then you could keep on sewing, but also have clothes that you can actually wear later on.

  2. I’m with Catja, choose simple styles that are either easy to take in, or that are meant to have a looser fit. 🙂 Some things, such as jeans, you’ll probably want to buy so that you don’t get frustrated by sewing pants/jeans that are too big before you’ve finished them. Congratulations on the weight loss, may it be easy to reach your goal! 🙂

    1. thanks, yeah i think im going to try to stick to loose or stretchy things that dont need too much fitting. i would { NEVER } attempt to make my own jeans anyway 🙂

  3. Good to hear you are jogging again! Knits. I sew knits when I am feeling a tad plumper than I intend to be…(been sewing a lot of knits lately….ahem).

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