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{ NEW LOOK 6088 OOP } Red shoulder love…

New_look_6088_front1New_look_6088_backCan I get a { WOOT WOOT } ??!! Le sewing mojo has returned, thank goodness…& no, the pins in Poppy’s jugular are not in celebration thereof πŸ™‚

I celebrated by whipping up this New Look 6088 in a red. Super easy & super fast. I left the edges raw because this knit does not fray & since its a casual top, I prefer to go a little rock ‘n roll. I had cut out the facings however when I tested them, they just looked too structured & didnt give as much stretch at the neckline as I like. So I omitted them & got on with doing the shoulder ties.

Below the deets :

{ DESCRIPTION } Easy top options (seven in this pattern) to combine as you like however now OOP, sorry if you dont have it!

{ FABRIC USED } A red single knit purchased in Rotterdam, Holland.

{ SIZING } I cut my size & the fit is perfecto.

{ INSTRUCTIONS } Good, however I glanced at them & did my own thing.

{ CHANGES } As I said above, I left the facings off & instead of Β cutting my cording into two & securing at the neck, I simply U-turned it & fed it back out the other end & tied it. Saved me having to cut, sew & bugger around with lengths. If you insert the facings, you would have to do it their way though! I also made my own ties instead of using ribbon or cording.

{ LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY } * Super easy

{ TIME } With cutting & making my own cording, this project took me 3 hours.

{ SUM IT UP } Super chuffed with a top that Ive been wanting to sew for ages. Look forward to getting plenty of use out of this & will probably make more of the styles in this pattern. Highly recommended.New_look_6088_shoulderNew_look_6088_frontNew_look_6088_shoulder_ties

Thanks for stopping by.


8 thoughts on “{ NEW LOOK 6088 OOP } Red shoulder love…

  1. Ooh! Me likey!! The perfect shade of red, quick ‘n’ easy, and so CUTE! πŸ™‚ I’m going to have to purchase this pattern today when I go out and about…

    1. im glad you likey & Im sad to say this pattern is OOP…something i should have mentioned in the post but I will go back & amend. I bought this back in 2003 & never sewed anything from it. I think it qualifies for the PR Pattern stash busting, dont you?? πŸ™‚ Perhaps you can still come across this via etsy or ebay though πŸ™‚

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