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{ V1207 } Wildest dreams dress…

V1207_frontv1207_closeupI call this my Wildest dreams dress for 2 reasons.

1. The colours

2. I sewed this during a crazy crazy year of 7am to 7pm work { PLUS } evening studies & exams trying to get my degree finished. Where I found the time to still sew I have no freakin’ idea.

2011 was a {BLUR}


I found the fabric at Fabricland on our Christmas 2010 Canadian visit. They had this awesome deal of buy 2m get another gratis. I left things in Canada just so I could get my fabric stash home 🙂 I unfortunately have not worn this dress much due to the shitty weather conditions since finishing it however with some luck, I should be making use of it this summer!

You may read the PR review here so I dont need to repeat myself..Im merely continuing with documenting the pieces ive sewn in the past when I have the time/remember!

Thanks for stopping by x

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