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{ PR CONTEST } The Pattern Stash

PR_pattern_stash_contest_2013Ive entered the pattern stash contest over on Pattern Review not because I want to win but because its a great incentive to get my ass moving on the patterns that ive had so long but { NEVER } gotten around to sewing. One of the rules of this contest is that patterns must be uncut before contest however as I revealed in my last post, I am a little OCD regarding making sure my patterns are all cut as I receive them, whether I intend to sew them immediately or not. Luckily, PR have said if this is the case for some people, then it is admissible. { WHEW }! At the moment, more than 90 sewers have signed up for this contest & I think its just fantastic….I cant wait to see what everyone is digging in to…

Are you entering the pattern stash contest ?



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