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Liebster_blog_awardI was recently nominated for a { LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD } by CherryPix – exciting ‘eh?! I love that I add to the inspiration out there on the WWW & even if not daily, Im super excited that my little addition means something to someone so thank you. While Im sure you are all fans of CherryPix already, if not, please head over & take a perve at her Graphic Wrap dress which could quite easily be my favourite wrap dress EVAH!

So, as the rules go, I am to answer the following questions. { BUCKLE UP } :

1. Do you mainly wear colours that look great on you or colours that you love? (or are they the same?)

I wont wear colours that I dont like just because they look good on me for instance, I know I look much better in brights than I do muted/pastel shades so I do take this into consideration when I dress. Besides my blue jeans, I have VERY little blue clothing because it just doesnt suit me!

2. Which pattern have you made the most times?

Definitely Vogue 8032, view A. I love this pattern. Its super easy & can be dressed up for work or casual. I love it! It can be worn in summer or in winter because the necktie is so high, you can totally hide a long sleeve underneath while wearing a jacket or cardi & no-one will ever know 🙂

3. What is your number-one favourite sewing gadget?

Can my sewing machine be a gadget? If so then definitely. Ive said it before, I would charge into a fire for my Sapphy!

4. What did you think you were going to work as, when you left school?

…as long as I was creating I would have been happy.

5. Which are you more into: Pattern Review or BurdaStyle Website?

I think the Pattern Review website fell from heaven! I dont start a project without consulting PR & its saved me so much heartache & time, I could never repay. I love the community, I love that we can all give our constructive criticism on a pattern & help others to sew a better version. Its { MAGIC }!!

6. What’s your ideal evening out?

I would say getting dressed up, throwing on a killer pair of heels to spend a casual & unpretentious evening with good friends – fueled with laughter, good wine & exceptional tunes!

7. Which sewing reference book do you use most often?

Great question – I dont refer to many books because I find googling much easier { HOWEVER } when google comes up with nothing helpful then I do hit up one of three books, depending on what Im needing. They are either Winifred Aldrich’s Metric Pattern cutting for Womens wear, The Perfect Fit or Natalie Bray’s Dress Pattern Designing. My body is quite proportionate so I luckily dont need to do many adjustments outside of maybe a minor bust adjustment.

8. Are you a pattern tracer or a pattern cutter (ie: just cut the pattern pieces you need straight from the tissue) ?

Im a pattern cutter { WOOF } 🙂 & I have somewhat of a ritual. When my pattern hauls arrive I brew a pot of tea & I cut them all in one night while I watch something on TV. I started doing this because I absolutely hate going to my patterns, making a decision on the project & know I still have to cut it out. I want to get pinning immediately otherwise I lose my mojo.

9. What’s at the top of your reading pile?

Im currently reading Anna Karenina however Im finding it quite slow. I love books that I cant put down..books that I will devour in 2 days because its so gripping. Unfortunately, this is not one of them. I recently read this blog post regarding at what point do you give up on a book…or do you? It made me think about my relationships with books both past & present & how much time Ive given for books to “grow on me”. Ive discovered that its a timing thing ie. what may not appeal to me now, may  have more appeal in a few months. Who knows!!

10. Public speaking or public singing (solo) – which scares you the most?

Honestly, both scare the shit out of me but if I absolutely had to do one, I would choose rather to speak than sing!

11. Which of your own sewing creations are you most pleased with? (include a pic or link, if possible)

Im pleased that I was able to sew the Vogue 8438 & have such great results because when I started this coat, I really was expecting it to be quite difficult. Ive just completed V8601 & comparing them, I would say 8438 was so much easier. I was surprised at how easy it was & I would sew it again in a heartbeat, albeit View C perhaps!

So now that you know a little more about me, the rules dictate that I should pass the award on & ask some questions myself. Please don’t feel compelled to answer or participate however in the spirit of getting to know our favourite bloggers a little better, I think it would be rude if you didnt 🙂 just kidding!

I nomiate the following bogs :

Very Blissful    //    Happy Rainy Days    //    Diary of a MadMama    //    Mezzo Couture    //    Red Point Tailor

Sunny Sewing     //      Sew Manju     //     Crystal Pleats     //     The Garment Farmer    / /     Sew Hopefull     //     & Sew it Seams

& here are your questions :

{Q1} How long have you been sewing ?

{Q2} What is your go-to pattern & why ?

{Q3} Is there a pattern that scares you but you still willing to give it a go, if so, which one ?

{Q4} Have you ever made something for yourself & then never worn it ? & why ?

{Q5} BurdaStyle, Ottobre or Patrones magazine – which is your favourite ?

{Q6) Do you have allocated time for sewing or do you grab the moment when it presents itself ?

{Q7} Do you stash fabric or buy as & when required ?

{Q8} Besides sewing, do you have any unrelated hobbies ?

{Q9} If you were given cash (€100, USD100 etc) what is the first thing you would spend it on ?

{Q10} What could you simply not live without ?

{Q11} Tell me one thing I dont know about you!

OK folks, thats it. Again, please dont feel like you have to answer these or pass on the award. Its just a nice way to get to know our fellow bloggers & extend our gratitude for enriching our lives with your blog.

Take care & thanks for stopping by x


7 thoughts on “{ LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD }

  1. Congrats on your award! 🙂 I’ve decided that life is too short to read books that I can’t get into. If I don’t start to feel pulled in by about page 50 I put it down–no guilt.

  2. Thank you for the award 🙂 I tend to leave non-fiction books unfinished. It’s not that I’ve given up on them, it’s just that they aren’t gripping enough to finish *right now* I too prefer a good book that pulls you in (and usually fiction)! But when I’ve picked something that doesn’t end up catching my attention, I’ll give up after a few hours of reading. I don’t have time to waste on a lousy read!!

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