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Holland 2010
Holland 2010

{ source : my own }

Its official! { SPRING } has sprung here in my ‘hood & Im rejoicing for having emerged through the perils of winter unscathed…without a sniffle of a cold or worse, flu! ย It could be due to the fact that there was that breaking of my ankle, surgery & all that which kept me in hibernation for the best part of 8 weeks….so Im thinking, did I really emerge victorious?

There are more than a few bloggers out there dealing with cold & or flu a the moment & I pity you. I wish you health & a speedy recovery because there is nothing worse than shaking with the sniffles. { Bless you all }

After my last two posts discussing the pitfalls of living in the country & the disappointment with BurdaStyle, Im in need of a quick project to lift the spirit & give me instant gratification. What is your go-to pattern, the one that you know so well & always have fantastic results from ? Id love to hear, do share…

7 thoughts on “{ THROUGH WINTER UNSCATHED } or am I ?

  1. Congrats!! Beautiful tulips! Spring has still not sprung here. Sigh. Snow. Everywhere. Hopefully my Equinox giveaway will cheer those of us up who are still in winter weather. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I love the tulips! Unfortunately, as I’m reading how healthy (aside from the ankle of course) you have been, I’m coughing like crazy with the remnants of a yet another cold (second one this winter)… You are a lucky ducky!
    The pattern I like to just whip up is a little girls skirt, using strips of fat quarters. I can make it in less than two hours, they always come out beautifully, not matter what fabric I use and they just look so cute on my littlest one!

    1. sorry to hear you are ill for the 2nd time ๐Ÿ˜ฆ the tulip photo was taken in 2010 but it is my “go-to” image for channeling spring…albeit its snow covered here again for a cold easter. thanks for sharing your fav pattern – we all need one (or more) of those ๐Ÿ™‚ get well soon x

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