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One of the pitfalls of living in the country is without a doubt, being more than a half hour drive from any decent sewing supply stores.

I have almost completed the Vogue 8601 riding jacket (more on that soon) & Im trying to decide on what to start on next. I have a stash of fabric, but its kinda impossible to have everything you need to complete a project ie. trims, cords, buttons, zips so I do need to visit a supplies store from time to time. Everything pattern I pick at the moment needs something dont have…zip, cotton colour, button, cord….{ UUUUURRRRGGGGHHHH}. I hate ordering this kind of thing online because you never know what you going to get in terms of colour matching etc so for me, going to a store to physically see & match is paramount!

My nearest most decent, store is Komolka in Vienna. If I were to say getting into Vienna is a bit of a circus I would not be over-exaggerating. Driving in takes me no less than an hour to get into the city centre itself, then to find parking which costs an arm & to top it off, Komolka is not cheap. Its a fabulous shop…4 floors of heaven, but you do need to ‘gird your loins’ before entering.

It makes me wish we had stores like Mood, Hancocks, Joanns & Fabricland…I envy you folk that live close to these places..I do, I do!


8 thoughts on “{ LIVING IN THE COUNTRY } Pitfalls…

  1. i know what you mean! we live hours away from a decent fabric shop, and i find it so difficult to order fabric online – i really want to feel its drape and see the scale of the patterns. i suppose the upside is that i don’t spend as much money on fabric and supplies… πŸ™‚

  2. I live an hour away from the nearest JoA’s and Hancock’s, but they aren’t great stores even by their chain standards. We do have a couple of stores that cater to the Mennonite/Amish population around, but they seem to do a lot of work with polyester, which I’ve been doing my level best to avoid in my quest for nicer quality fabrics (and fabrics that don’t make me sweat). So I can sort of feel your pain even though I haven’t lived in the country for several years.

  3. I live in the boonies and I feel your pain, i have a gazillion of patterns that are not being made just because I can’t find the right fabric. I did 40kms today to find they were out of what I needed to finish my current project. So I picked another project to work on… The only fabric I buy online is quilting cotton, I know what it feels like, how it’ll behave. I need to touch.

  4. This calls for nothing less than a bi-annual pilgrimage to your nearest big city, staying over night with the sole purpose of fabric buying – pick a time when the sales are on. If anyone objects say it’s needed for good mental health!

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