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{ BurdaStyle } April 2013

burdastyle_april2013_1I picked up the April BurdaStyle recently.

I should just leave the post there because honestly, im not inspired! I passed on both the february & march editions. BS now costs €6,15 & while it may look impressive at first glance with 40+ patterns, 15 or so are variations of the same pattern & many of them are regurgitations of years gone by. April for instance, inspired me with exactly 2 patterns :burdastyle_april2013_2

{ 107 top }burdastyle_april2013_3

{ 112A top }

For me, its not good enough to just be interested in one or two patterns per magazine & still have to squint, trace & ADD seam allowances!

Im taking a break from BS & moving swiftly onto Patrones! From what Ive heard/read, this magazine offers a wider range of patterns with designer flair & better silhouettes. I guess ive just gotten bored with BurdaStyles BS!

If you recall, a few days ago I posted 2 posts on things I had seen in recent BurdaStyle mags – The ready-to-sew kits & the post about Supercraftlab. I was super enthusiastic about these, however, how could what was essentially be { ADVERTISING }, be more interesting to me than the actual patterns on offer in said editions?! This was my clue regarding the bullshit. Ive never been a fan of the patterns on offer over the winter months so maybe this is a sign that im over the winter & hopefully the spring/summer months have more inspiring clobber. { END OF RANT }

As soon as my Patrones mags arrive, I will let you know what I think.

Thanks for stopping by to listen to my rant x


7 thoughts on “{ BurdaStyle } April 2013

    1. the only dress i feel i missed out on is that white designer number *sniff sniff*. i think its got alot to do with the winter mags….but lets see!! cant wait to see your jacket πŸ™‚

  1. I am also completely fed up with burda. I just got a subscription but I’m now regretting it. And if the models look fat then there’s no hope for us normal people.

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