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Ive had a few people ask me about how I store my knitting – not just my supplies but more specifically my current knitting project. I have only been knitting seriously for about a year so I by no means have an extensive knitting stash as I do sewing. This post will focus on storage of active projects & I will post something in the future regarding storage of my mini knitting supplies.

Until recently, I am embarrassed to say I was using a paper shopping bag to store my active project! Practical as it was, it was not a friend of the hubster! While I knitted into the night & he dozed on the couch, my scratching through the paper bag would wake him so I knew I needed to find something a little more sleep-friendly 🙂 Aren’t I a thoughtful wife?! No really, while a paper bag might be practical, its certainly not easy on the eyes so my quest to find an appropriate storage “thing” would kill 2 birds so to speak 🙂

I had seen this … knitting_storage_idea_pinterest

{ source : pinterest }

& liked the idea very much however when I thought it through, I realised I dont need to be carting around ALL my supplies ALL of the time. Once Ive committed to a project, I just need to cart around supplies for that particular project, nothing else. I went shopping & I found this :knitting_basket2

{ basket : leiner }

& so far, its working perfectly…& for €3.99 Im stoked!

As you might know, Im busy on Kim Hargreaves Sizzle so this is what my active basket looks like.


I keep the yarn & needles required for this project in here. I also keep whatever pieces Ive completed already, in this case Ive finished the front & Ive just started on the back. I also keep the pink yarn for my lifelines { VERY IMPORTANT }!! A bag of stitch markers, a stitch holder & a few other odds & ends I need. I copy the pattern from my book rather than paw through the book all the time. Im a bit of a “Monk” when it comes to books – I like them to look pristine forever. Folded corners, fingermarks, coffee stains….i wont sleep for days but thats for another chapter all together ‘eh! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by x { THE END }

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