Hey lovelies ~amerson_undies

Monday I downloaded the pdf pattern & instructions for the very lovely Amerson undies being offered {GRATIS} by Madalynne.

I was so excited when I first saw these a few weeks back & bookmarked them immediately. One of my NY resos was to try lingerie, any lingerie! These look super cute & right up my alley for “under my sundress” *ooooh*.

The pattern package comes with beautiful instructions and measurement charts, construction sheet & technical sketches as well as the pattern layout sheet & of course, the scaled pattern. From downloading to cutting & sticking together the pattern could not have taken me longer than 10 minutes!

Above Im giving you a { SNEEK-PEEK } into the fabric & colourways Im using to try these knickers. I will go into more detail of what & where, when Im done.

A big thank you to Madalynne for offering this pattern free.

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