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{ NEW LOOK 6648 } Version A

Hello again fellow sewers –NewLook_6648

This pattern is one of my favourites. I guess its because its so easy to construct & casual to wear in a rather effortless way.

I purchased this pattern in 2008 but only got around to making something with it in late 2010. Another project completed while the hubster was traveling & I had all day & all night to sew – which I duly did while I watched the snow fall over Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Holland! I never left the house for days & eventually  my car disappeared under all the snow. Finally the hubster was due home & I realised I had no snow shovel so I used a fold-up plastic crate to scrape the snow off my car in the middle of the night so I could scoot off to rescue the hubster from a disaster flight. { HAPPY DAYS }. Anyway, I digress –

NewLook_6648The pattern is super easy with the most challenging part being the slightly gathered waistband….& this is not difficult by any means. I used a one way stretch knit in a blue-ish purple-tinge and this fabulous paisley burnout pattern in a mustardy-amber kinda colour. I had bought quite a bit of this so I have stacks left over for something else too 🙂 There are 4 options to this pattern in terms of the sleeves which can be interchanged with neck options of either cowl, v, wrap or boat!! Sleeve options are either dolman, kimono, butterfly or none! I stuck with Version A which is boat neck with kimono sleeve. I’d love to try version C which is butterfly sleeve with a wrap front & tie over the waistband.NewLook_6648_kimono_sleeve

I personally left out the neck binding & instead folded over & stitched. It does make the boatneck { SLIGHTLY }  larger. If you dont like a boatneck to hang off the one shoulder, be aware of the finished measurement of version A! I like a top that drapes off my shoulder so I was not fussed.

Highly recommended if you looking for a top thats casual but not T-shirt casual.

Difficulty  Rating *

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13 thoughts on “{ NEW LOOK 6648 } Version A

        1. hmmmm, so many people have asked me about selecting the right fabric for the right project & its a difficult question to answer to be honest. First & foremost I always think about drape, is the fabric of the correct weight & composistion? Then I think about colour and/or pattern. The pattern envelopes give guidelines but I dont always stick to them…I like to experiment and sometimes I get it { WAY } wrong but over the years Ive gotten much better in pairing fabric with pattern. If you have some in your stash, feel free to email me pics & Id be delighted to assist.

  1. Hi there, I just discovered your post while doing searches of this pattern… I’m wondering… do you think this top could be made with a woven fabric (ie. non-stretch) if you left off the band and just extended the top down…. then put in several elastic rows? I have some drapey rayon that I think would look great, but I’m wondering how much horizontal give there is in the body section of the top. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

      1. Hi Kaz – Yes, I would say you could absolutely make this in a woven providing that you gave yourself enough margin to compensate for the non-stretch factor. The body section of the top is roomy enough to not need a stretch, IMO, but it depends how much room you like. I do think a knit drapes better though. I would not attempt the waistband without a stretch but your idea to add in extra length & elastic is a good alternative. Pay special attention to the length of the top because I found it quite short & I would increase the body measurement by an inch or two on my next one. I hate doing muslins but with a change in suggested fabric type, I would probably run one up using a woven scrap just to be sure. Hope that helps. Shout if you have any other questions. Ange

        1. wow… thanks so much for your thoughts! I definitely agree about adding the length, as I would want the top to sit around my hips, not just below my waist. Hopefully yet another 6648 will be born in Sydney tomorrow! 🙂

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