Happy Friday to you all –

A few days ago I was sorting some of my fabric stash because since we moved into our new house, I pretty much transferred fabrics straight from boxes to their storage without giving it much thought – in other words – I simply needed to have the boxes out of the way so I could think.

I use the Ikea 4-drawer Malm chests for my fabric storage.


{ source : Ikea }

I line the drawers with craft paper first and each drawer is dedicated to a specific type of fabric ie. on the bottom I have heavy winter fabrics (wools etc), next drawer up I store my cottons, then my lightweights ie chiffons, lace etc.  I do this because its easier for me to keep track  & I dont have to wade between heavy fabrics when Im looking for a silk…you get the idea right?! In the top drawers I keep my bits ‘n bobs for instance, buttons, ribbons, bindings, notions etc. As I mentioned in my NY resos post, I do plan on doing some shelves in the sewing room for books & I had thought of using the underside of the shelves for bottles of notions etc – we shall see.

Anyway, while I was sorting I realised that I have so much fabric that Ive bought on my travels and there are a few pieces I simply {CANNOT} even think of cutting. Its like Ive grown some attachment to them & its gotten all emotional & stuff…. {SERIOUSLY?} yes, seriously. Ive posted a few pics below so you can see which ones Im referring to :



I’ll admit, the majority of these fabrics are found on my travels to Canada, South Africa, Holland & UK so they all kinda hold sentimental memories of these travels. I guess cutting into them would still mean I have memories albeit in the form of a garment…Im pathetic with this {CANT CUT} thing but I feel like they are all too sentimental…..what can I do ?? Ive thought of going shopping for new pieces which might help to cure me because as soon as you have a new favourite, the old favourites seem to be demoted {HOWEVER} looking at how old some of these favourites are – it would appear Im not demoting anything. ever!!

Do any of you suffer from the same syndrome ? & if so, how have you overcome it?

Thanks for stopping by x

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6 thoughts on “{ STASH SORTING }

  1. I actually have a similar problem. My wonderful aunt brought me a bunch of fabrics that she’s picked up here and there, mostly from second hand places and free ads on the internet. It’s not that these fabrics are anything special (well, maybe a couple are), it’s just that my aunt gave them to me, so I really hate to do anything with them! It doesn’t help that I have to fight being a hoarder on a regular basis (I’m only kidding… a little bit)… A (very) small part of me is afraid that if I use the fabric my aunt gave me, I’ll run out. Silly, I know!
    I love your idea of using a small chest of drawers to help sort and store! I might just look around for one that I can paint at a yard sale or flea market this summer!

    1. i know, this sentimentality has to stop 🙂 my common sense tells me that if i make something from these pieces, i will enjoy it every time i wear it but my heart wants it to stay a complete piece of fabric so i am able to wrap it around me & cuddle from time to time..what wins?? thanks for sharing your similar woes 🙂

  2. I have a solution! There are more than a few I would be happy to cut into (then sew and wear) for you. I’ll send you pictures of them in all sorts of places!

  3. I too am trying to overcome the “too precious to use” this problem. I tell myself, “Either you use it now, or some 20 year old will be picking it up for muslins at my estate sale”. Eeek.

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