Hey all – Ive been thinking about knitting a lot lately & even though I am just a beginner, I have had to learn the hard way so I thought I would share some tips for those of you wanting to learn.


{ source : Wool & the Gang }

Im not entirely sure if starting with a kit is the way to go – personally. There are kits out there of course for example Wool & the Gang who do these great packages with all the bits ‘n pieces you require {HOWEVER} I think they are kinda pricey for what they are. I also think that when you start, its ok to use “el cheapo” yarn to practice which will save a bunch of cash & besides, you dont want to be knitting basic basic with expensive yarn, it would be like making a muslin out of raw silk! I do think that in order to get the most out of your first experience/s, you really should start with something simple & use a thicker wool so you can see what you doing & therefore minimize mistakes. The rest, IMO, comes with practice.

STEP 1 : Purchase a pair of size 8 or 9 needles and some chunky-ish wool to get started.

STEP 2 : Hit YouTube up for some beginner lessons on casting on (both with 2 needles & with your thumb) and then the simple KNIT (k) stitch first. Get familiar with the needles in your hands, the yarn and the stitch. I purchase all my knitting supplies from Deramores based in the UK and they have a wonderful channel on YouTube showing tutorials for almost everything. You can find a link to them here.

STEP 3 : Once you have the hang of the knit stitch, change to learning the PURL (p) stitch, do a few rows of this until you are comfortable, then combine the two stitches by doing 2 K, 2 P which will give you the stretchy ribbed pattern which is used often and seen on waistbands and arm bands, neck bands etc. Work your way through the tutorials on YouTube and you cant go wrong.

I learnt so much from watching YouTube videos. I watched them over & over & then practiced until I was comfortable with the stitch. It takes time and patience but once you know the stitch, you will never forget it.  I also have the book Compendium of Knitting Techniques  which Ive found rather useful to reference however, since purchasing the book, I still find the YouTube tuts { FAR } more helpful. Forget about all the nasty sides to knitting like dropping stitches & having to frog back & lifelines. All those little things will come later…just focus on getting your cast on, knit & purl stitches perfect & most of the hard work is done!

Knitting is basically made up of { MOSTLY } the same stitches, done in a variety of ways to form a pattern. Join the online equivalent to Pattern Review for Knitters called Ravelry & be inspired by all the lovely garments that have been made around the world. Its a hive of activity and a lovely way to keep track of your stash, your needles & your projects (often more than 1 at a time).

Good luck, shout if you have any questions & happy knitting.


One thought on “{ KNIT KIT }

  1. I wish I could have read this years ago when I was learning how to knit! I agree with not buying a pricey “learn to knit” kit; I actually started with pencils and some old yarn from my crocheting stash! I love knitting, but I hate how long it takes to make anything more exciting than a small scarf.

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