Ladies –

Im a total Tessa Kiros fan – in fact I would go so far as to say I am {DEVOUT} TK fan! Every year for the past 5 years, the hubster has purchased me a TK cook book for Valentines Day & this year was no different!

This year I received the latest book, Limoncello & Linen Water – {OH BOY} its simply gorgeous! So many amazing recipes but the thing I love so much about TK is the way she weaves the magic of being in her home or kitchen via stories and tidbits of personal moments. The imagery and feeling she evokes of actually being in a certain place is dreamlike – in this instance, Italy. So many beautiful details from homeware to flora – its so intoxicating and makes her cook books such a pleasure to read and enjoy.

Limoncello & Linen Water has taken a firm No 1 place for me as a favourite. My favourite used to be Falling Cloudberries because it was so jam packed with recipes from so many different cultures, one in particular being my own, {HOWEVER} Limoncello has won me over because together with having so many recipes that I love, its so soft & feminine and pulled at my heart strings. I instantly thought this book would be perfect for woman to give woman ie. mother to give bride, or bride to give bridesmaids, or between besties = perfect. The fact that I received it for Valentines Day makes it even more special ♥

I have already tried some of the recipes & as usual, they {NEVER} disappoint.

Feel free to ask questions on any of the TK books should you have & thanks for stopping by x


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