{ Smoulder – completed }

Smoulder_kidsilk_haze_wickedHello lovelies –

As mentioned, I have completed the KH Smoulder sweater from the Whisper book in Rowan Kidsilk Haze colour 599 Wicked {BLACK}.

I first cast on this sweater in October last year however {LONG STORY UP AHEAD} then we relocated country & while I was living with the in-laws I attempted to complete it but then we found a house so we moved & the knitting was kinda neglected after completing the back end November. After my ankle accident I was handcuffed to the couch so I figured there was no better time to finish this.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, this is my first “big-girl” knitting project so I was a little intimidated.  It was relatively easy once I got the hang of the stitches (ie switching between the 4.5 & 9 needles) & I will admit I had to frog once or twice after making boo-boos. I used the internet {ALOT} to get me through the things I didnt understand & thanks to some of the lovely ladies over on the Ravelry boards who were more than willing to answer any {STUPID} questions I had!

Smoulder_openweaveIt knits up pretty quick and I love the open weave the combination needles make. Using black yarn was sometimes a hindrance in the evening to see what was going on & it shed all over my cream couch so I quickly learnt a sticky garment roller was definitely a must-have tool when knitting with mohair.  I also had to devise an alternative to finishing the neck edge off because I have no idea how to crochet & what I did try turned to crappola.

{What do I think of the completed sweater ?} I really like it.alot. Its soft and spacious however next time I would definitely add a little extra length to the front & back pieces, maybe even a few centimeters to the arms as well. Now that Ive made it, Im not sure if I would make it again in a hurry but perhaps, you never know…. one day.

After trying to photograph this sweater, I quickly realised I need to purchase that tripod & remote for my camera thereby allowing me to photograph these creations on me rather than on Poppy or in this case, on my hanging rail. Its not like a tripod & remote are even expensive items – Ive simply been a lazy couch moocher! Soon, I promise!

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