{Suckered by Enchanted…}

Hello lovelies –

I have completed the knitting up of Smoulder {YAY} and its busy blocking {OH LORD, PLEASE FIT} so expect some pics soon. But speaking of kniting, Ive almost been suckered into another knitting book {CAN YOU BELIEVE IT}.

Enchanted is the latest offering from Kim Hargreaves with 21 fabulous patterns & I am smitten with both these designs below – the {FIONN} and the {LILLITH}. Be still my heart.

The Fionn is a gorgeous wrap cardi and the Lillith is a chunky cardi that just looks like heaven. Yes, it may look a little frumpy but for those colder nights at home…..ooooo I cant think of anything snuggier. The Fionn is by far more sophisticated but it looks a little advanced for me. Hmm…

I would really like this book, I would. Im just not sure if I want to spend the money on a book that looks majority intermediate to advanced level knits. {HELP}.


KH_enchanted_Lilithsource : kim hargreaves

Oh well, let me sleep on it for a bit and then see. Perhaps while I sleep, the book will go onto sale with one of the online knitting shops therefore making my decision easier 🙂

If any of you lovely readers have the book or have knitted any of the patterns, let me know your thoughts on them.

As always, thanks a mil for stopping by x

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