{Colour Crush} Navy


In my quest to slash wearing so much black & replace a little with navy, I came across these Mel by Melissa flats while browsing ASOS. Was I excited to see they were on sale for 20 bucks ? Of course I was! Was I even more excited to see they still had them available in my size? {LIGHTNING COULD’VE STRUCK}.

So they arrived promptly & I am over the moon excited to wear these come spring. I tried on the left foot, given my right is still in a cast, & they fit like a glove. Im not normally a bow-kinda-girl {BUT} bows pierced with gold rivets grunge things up a bit & Im in!


This is my second pair of Melissa shoes. Dont let anyone tell you plastic shoes are uncomfortable because these plastic shoes are a dream to wear. Honestly, I wouldnt lie to you! & I love how Melissa collaborates with designers like Viv Westwood to bring the edge. They are fun, affordable & comfortable. What more could a girl want ?!

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