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{thought bubble} completed vs satisfied


A thought crossed my mind today that made me stop & really think about how i wanted to feel about my finished projects.

Do i want to be satisfied that i just finished it OR do i want to be proud of a great piece of my work?

The answer of course was {TIME}!

Time to appreciate & be grateful that a) I have the means to these great sewing possibilities and b) when I have the time, I pledge to do the best job I am capable of even when I’m frustrated and have to re-do a seam or a zip or a button.

That said, at what point does the need to complete a project outweigh the need to take your time & produce a decent, satisfying project? As I think of these questions, I cant help but think of all the NY resos that were made to (as an example) make 12 dresses pieces in 12 months or make a dress a week etc. Im not bashing the NY resos, oh no, Im simply wondering how many of these projects will just be completed vs great pieces of work. Thats all. Anyone have any thoughts ?

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