{Recycle old rags}


Over the years I have become a tad more selective over which garments go for donation & which go into my recycle bin. Now by recycle I mean those garments that either have accessories on them that I can benefit further from ie. buttons, clasps, ties, studs, embellishments etc. Sometimes when recycling the garment is destroyed & therefore only good for cleaning windows, floors & the likes and therefore cannot go to someone in need but I also feel like the benefits of re-using buttons & zips etc means I am still donating in some form or another.

Since relocating I found some garments that I wasnt entirely sold on wearing again but i still love the design so Im pulling them apart {CAREFULLY} to copy the pattern off & re-use to make a new one. I figured that way I get a new pattern to use over & over without having to see a favourite top/blouse/skirt/dress go to the bin. Does that make sense ?

So today I recycled the staps off of 3 bras, embellishments off of 1 pair of knickers, will be unpicking the lovely pink top you see above  for the pattern &  hacked off the buttons shown above from one of my husbands shirts that was {FAR} too big for him….but the buttons are great. The embellished top shown on the right is one of my {FAVOURITE} tops ever. I feel like I should be moving it on but I just cant! Its around 8 years old & the colour is drained but Im thinking I could still revive it by dipping into a dye bath, thereby prolonging the inevitable. Crikey, I hate saying goodbye to much loved garments. boohoo.

Do you ever recycle old garments for zips etc & how often do you unpick a favourite worn out piece to copy the pattern & make another ?


2 thoughts on “{Recycle old rags}

  1. I have to laugh, because I often “save” garments for recycling or refashioning. I’m a very crafty person by nature, so it’s hard for me to let go of a lot of stuff, i.e., light bulbs, thread cones, unused bobbin thread, belt buckles, washing powder scoops, etc. I see something in everything, LOL!
    Back to the garments, I have a top on one of my mannequins now that I cut to refashion months ago, still have yet to sew it back. But, I do have photos of turtle neck shirts that I refashioned into other styles, take a look:


    Happy Sewing!

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