{Let me introduce Poppy…}

poppy_dress_formPoppy is not {JUST} a dress form, she is a trusted companion and confidant…something someone I can talk to day or night about anything & know it will {NEVER} be repeated. She is über cool and has an amazing sense of style. Every time I look at her I think..hmm, she is wearing exactly what I would have  picked out. How strange!.

I adopted Poppy while I was living in Holland. I walked into a sewing store and saw a look-alike standing near the front entrance…however she was not my size. So I enquired as to whether there might be another and sure enough it was love at first sight.

How did she receive her name you ask? Well, in Holland a dress form is called a Paspoppen (translated : fitting doll) so, she became Poppy. Since Holland she has traveled quite extensively, Im thinking a passport may be in order.

While I loved the idea of a professional dress form being made custom to my size I find them limiting and lets face it, whos body shape/size stays the same year in & year out? Besides the fitting issue, they are quite the investment. I settled on the adjustable kind because it seemed liked a better all-round investment with far more flexibility especially if you plan to sew for others/different sizes.  I figured if Poppy failed to provide lumps ‘n bumps where mine were, I could still clone myself using the duct-tape method…something I have not had to do yet.

She has a sense of humour too…when I first took her home she constantly scared the crap out of me. It took some getting used to seeing someone else in the house when I thought I was alone 🙂 All in all though, Poppy rocks my world. She is always obedient, never complains when she has to wear the same outfit for weeks {SOMETIMES MONTHS} and holds pins like a pro. She simply sees the world the same way as I do…

’til next time, thanks for stopping by x

9 thoughts on “{Let me introduce Poppy…}

  1. So funny that you should run this post today! My husband and I were just discussing options for dressforms. I have them but they are not my size. I usually just do paper pattern adjustments, then try on and adjust. So, he asked me why don’t I invest in one that’s my body size. Well, the problem with that is the same as yours~ my size fluctuates. So, I don’t want to invest in that much, although I could pad when needed, but I can’t reduce when needed, ugh! I’ve been planning to make a duct tape dressform for so long, just haven’t done it. So, the only thing left is the adjustable form. The problem with that is I feel I fall into two size categories sometimes~ sz .8 at the top and 10-to 12 at the bottom. What’s a girl to do? Oh well, congratulations on your relationship with Poppy!

    1. great minds huh 🙂 dress forms are a funny thing. poppy came in 2 sizes – but the bust is what differed in fullness not the adjustable sizing. i decided on the bigger bustsize just because i know its easier for me to fit down a size, rather than try to fit to something that is too small at its biggest. i almost always do final fitting on myself anyway because lets face it, a dress form will never be an exact fit. good luck with your decision & keep us posted. x

  2. Loved the way you wrote this! I haven’t quite gotten into sewing yet, so I can’t justify getting one yet obviously, but I definitely will one day!

  3. I’m so glad you mentioned that she freaked you out at first, because as soon as I saw her my first thought was – if that thing was in my house, I would jump for weeks every time I caught it out of the corner of my eye!

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