{Smoulder away…}


source : Kim Hargreaves

Ive been a couch potato for a week & a half & its driving me crazy. My foot is still not able to take full weight so Im giving it the time it needs to recover…{PATIENCE WON}

I simply could not waste the time just sitting there watching movie after movie, so I picked up some knitting I had started during the relocation phase & its going wonderfully. This is a Kim Hargreaves pattern called Smoulder from the {WHISPER} book. I purchased my book & yarn from Deramores UK but you can try Amazon for a slightly cheaper option. The Whisper book is filled with lovely patterns. Please feel free to check out the patterns on the KM link above.

I, of course, am using {BLACK} yarn which as mohair does, leaves its sticky little hairs everywhere!

I had completed the back piece end November & now, after 2 days, I am almost finished the front. Its an easy {NOVICE} pattern to knit….Im hoping mine fits though because it aint looking as loose as the sample above. Next up, the sleeves, some construction & then Im ready. Terribly excited since this is my {FIRST} “big girl” knitting pattern. Up until this project, I had only ever made scarf after scarf, after scarf!

Trust  you are all well & thanks for stopping by x

6 thoughts on “{Smoulder away…}

  1. I love that pattern! That is one thing that I never learned, knitting. I hear many speak of it. I did learn to crochet from my grandmother. Maybe , one day, I can add knitting to my list of things that I know how to do. 🙂
    Can’t wait to see yours completed!

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