{AWOL no more}


Today has been a very good day – I have my new cast. {BIG GRIN}. A “sports” cast as they call it, all mellow yellow of it. I had the choice of dark blue, light blue, purple, green or yellow. I should have gone with the 2013 colour of the year….thereby ticking that box for the remainder of the year but alas, I went for the colour that makes me happiest of the bunch & besides, this was the only colour I thought I could live with for 5-6 weeks. These sport casts are as solid as the plaster casts but weigh much less so it was a no-brainer to be honest. It is also full weight bearing so I can move around easier albeit still with the help of the {STICKS} for now.  I removed the hideous “shoe” that straps onto this cast because believe me, you dont want to see it. A combination of grandpa shoe & more velcro you have not seen.promise!

This means, more sewing to come….{YAY}…as you know I still have V8550 to defeat.

Thank you for all the well wishes. I didnt want my {CRAFT} blog to suddenly feel like an {ACHES & PAINS} blog but you know….shit happens & you gotta roll with the punches.


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