{AWOL update}

Happy Monday readers –

I thought I would update you all on how my recovery is going. Well, its going!! Ive had good days and bad {REALLY BAD} days but as each day passes I feel like its one day closer to full recovery. 

I should have received my new cast last week Thursday however the doctors were not satisfied with how my foot looked. It was still quite swollen so they therefore said I should wait a few days more & sent me home. Uuurgh.

So Im trying again tomorrow & hopefully the swelling is down sufficiently enough to take the new cast. Swelling is a strange thing to be honest. Ive done what theyve asked me to do – kept my leg up above heart level, iced packed it & stayed off my feet completely but as soon as I do need to move to the washroom, {BANG} the swelling is back in an instant. Its a difficult thing to control & I certainly do not want swelling going on in the new cast. 

If this time is teaching me anything, its how to be more patient. Its also reminded me to never take my body for granted. I know these are all cliches that we hear all the time but honestly, I would give anything to be more mobile right now. I hate sitting around doing nothing & I hate relying on the hubster to do things for me. Its also made me realise how OCD I am which is something I dont really like about myself but thats just how I am. I like things to be clean all the time, I like my towels to hang a certain way  etc etc etc. Im now having to practice patience & just let it be. Yip, lessons in life!!

Wish me luck for tomorrow as I’ll probably need it. 

Thanks for stopping by & I hope you are all creating some beautiful things in my absence.


One thought on “{AWOL update}

  1. So sorry things are not progressing as expected, I totally understand that feeling, ugh. However, “Let patience have her perfect work so you can be perfect and complete wanting nothing.”
    Prayerfully, tomorrow you will have great news and begin to start the processing of healing faster.

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