hello lovelies –

I apologise for being {AWOL} at the moment….I promise I have a valid excuse.

You see, this past saturday we had some great snowfall so the hubster & I decided to go bob-sledding & Im sure you can now imagine where Im going with this???!!!

Yes, I ended up in the ER with a fractured ankle & they operated at 10pm to place a titanium plate & pins to stabilise my ankle. See, I told you I had a valid explanation.

So, I was discharged today armed with a temporary cast & crutches which Im proving hideous with. I had to promise the surgeon {with puppy eyes} that I would stay in bed for the next couple of days otherwise he wouldnt have let me go!  Honouring my promise so the next couple of days I will be focusing on aleviating the swelling so hopefully I can get my more permanent cast {required for 6 WEEKS} on Thursday.

WOW….yeah, im still in shock too i tell ya.

Anyway, I just wanted to let all you lovelies know where I was & that I’ll be seeing you again soon. Take care & thanks for stopping by x



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