{must have paraphernalia}

Tuesday the husband had to head into the city for a meeting so I rode along…

I stumbled into the fabric store & skipped out with these :


  • One new seam ripper because my old one was blunt plus, one can never have enough seam rippers right ?!
  • A pack of 4 black shoulder strap retainers. I have one black top thats shoulders always want to head down to my elbows so hopefully these will help & I wont have to pay too much attention to my choice of underwear when I wear said top. I just hope it doesnt pull & look worse with than without. We shall see…
  • A pack of 3 different sized silicone finger guards to use when Im pressing.
  • One small metal thimble. I really needed a smaller one but this was the smallest they had so I bought it anyway. I will try to insert a rubber thingiemajig into it to make it fit a little snugger. I have small fingers!!
  • A real handy tool for covering buttons. There are a few projects I want to do this year that would look better with covered buttons so this tool had better work. Anyone ever used this tool before, does it work as well as Im hoping it will ??


Do you have a favourite sewing accessory that you couldn’t live without ?


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