{Alterations – like | dislike}

{ALTERATIONS} – hmmmm…to me they are like dark, scary creature living under my bed. or hiding behind the door. For real, I know they are not that scary {or even exist…pfft} but there is something about an alteration that just makes me lose my mojo. I can procrastinate on an alteration {FOREVER}.

Classic example : I stitched this lovely McCalls 5241 “1-hr cardigan” back in 2009. yes, you read correctly 2009!!


Back then I was still using my old sewing machine thats built like a tractor and sews like one too. Yeah, you guessed it, Im just trying to blame my machine when what I did was silly & buggered up the edgings by not using the correct needle. Its not like the edges are terrible, they just werent 100% to my liking. So the finished item was never reviewed (even though I have pretty good things to say about it), never worn (even though I really love the fabric) & went straight into the {ALTERATIONS BOX} for fixing. 3 and a half years later…never fixed….

All that is about to change…Im tired of having an alterations box. Honestly, there is nothing cute about it for me. It just reminds me how much I still have to get through & makes me feel guilty for starting a new project.

Do you enjoy alterations ? I know there are many sewers that love to do alterations…{THRIVE} on them in fact. Are you one of those or do you procrastinate on them like I do? Do you have an {ALTERATIONS box / bag / wardrobe}?

Thanks for stopping by x


3 thoughts on “{Alterations – like | dislike}

  1. LOL! Oh how I HATED alterations, with a passion!! So I know how you feel. To this day, I still have a “pile” of alterations that never get done for me and my family, lol! But, I will say this. I have been sewing for over 34 years and it was alterations that was my best teacher. The thing that I hated the most help me perfect my skill to the point that I could create a business and offer tailor-made clothes that my clients can enjoy.
    See, I started taking in alterations during my “downtime” or slow season with my clients. Because I had to take apart or go on the inside of the garments I could see how they were professionally constructed, thereby learning new techniques that I could and would incorporate into creating my own clothing.
    So, I’m ever thankful for alterations. School could not have taught me what experience did.
    Ironically, I now work full-time as an Alterations Manager for a large bridal chain in my local area. Who would have thought? God has a way of getting information to you that you need to excel in the gifts and talents that He has bestowed upon us.
    I now create wedding gowns and other formal wear with no reservations. It is now my expertise.
    Just still not so anxious to do my own alterations…I will procrastinate like the rest, lol!!

    1. Hi Alethia & thanks for your valuable insight. You are right about alterations being your best teacher. I hadn’t thought of it this way & now that you have pointed it out I realise that I too have learned a great deal from them. As I plough through my {ALTERATIONS BOX} I will try to keep this thought front & foremost! πŸ™‚ Take care. A

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