{Out with the old…}


Bugger what they say about {SPRING CLEANING} – I find the best time to clear my wardrobe is at the start of a new year. There is something quite intimidating about it at first but once I get into it, I cant seem to stop. That & the fact that throwing out the old makes space for the new doesn’t hurt either…oh & it co-incides with the NY sales too {SHOOOO}.

Now when I say “throw out” you know I dont mean toss. dispose. bin. it simply means give away. or donate!

My wardrobe is split into 2 “departments” – the {I HEART, CANNOT LET GO} department and the {IF YOU HAVENT WORN IT IN A YEAR, LET IT GO} department. Sometimes, unfortunately, the 2 departments have a {VERY} thin line between them and when this happens I usually leave it to simmer for a day or two before deciding on the items fate. I have rarely regretted the ultimate decision so there must be some method in my madness.

Going through my wardrobe also means I automatically sort out & re-organise. Normally I would just have all my tops together, skirts together & so on but this year I have taken things to the {NEXT LEVEL}. I have not only categorized by tops/skirts/dresses, I have also sorted within the category by type of top ie. no sleeves, short sleeves, long sleeves & within this category by colour as well! Cool huh. Its made my wardrobe far more structured & much easier to locate an item. I dont, by any means, have a huge wardrobe but sometimes finding things can be a pain.

I havent pulled many items from my wardrobe this year since while I was packing last year for the move I made quite the cull. There were a few items though that I couldnt decide on so I packed them up with the “alterations” box and just yesterday I opened that pandoras box {MORE ON THE ALTERATIONS BOX IN A COMING POST} & re-discovered these items & I was A very happy betty I was indeed.

How do you wardrobe plan? Do you have a structure? Do you ‘spring clean’ or NY clean? Any tips ? lets talk….


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