{Vogue 8241 – Pompeii Purple}


This pattern is another {EXTREMELY} simple pattern requiring minimal time scanning the instructions & even less time constructing it. Yes, that easy.

I used a beautiful lavender coloured sari with gold trimmed border & used the same fabric to line as well. The skirt part I wanted to have more of the border so I cut the top layer shorter. What really appeals to me about this pattern is you can use the most detailed & exquisitely beaded fabric for this & it would be {KNOCK OUT}. Since there is no fussiness with the pattern, the fabric needs to do all the talking…if you know whatimean.

{CONSIDER} : Before you cut, measure where your bra strap sits on your back because the keyhole sits quite low. If you are going to make the keyhole a little shorter, check that you can still get this dress over your head. Also, a strapless bra is necessary if your straps sit low on your shoulders as they will be seen.


Recommended as a basic beginner pattern but like I said, I would love to see this made up in a heavily beaded fabric. It would look stunning. My casual version I typically pair with a belt…& pressed but for some reason I rushed to post the original review without pressing. unheardof!!

Original pattern review here.

Thanks for stopping by x

8 thoughts on “{Vogue 8241 – Pompeii Purple}

  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this dress! Thanks for the tip about the keyhole…great to know! And, I was reviewing your work on Pattern Review, I LOVE the way you work your prints, especially the ethnic prints…you definitely have skills!! ;o)

    1. thanks for the compliment hun. im {SLOWLY} consolidating all my pattern reviews with the blog – easier to keep track & handy to add little tips for blog followers. are you on pattern review? i would love to follow you too 🙂

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