{On the cutting table – leather bag}

I was inspired by this leather ‘shopper’ and decided I would try to re-create something similar that is equally as casual and practical.


I had this brown leather in my {STASH} and didnt want to use any of the nicer coloured leather until I had this first ‘prototype’ well worked out.


I then went on and used a regular plastic shopping bag as a size reference for the paper pattern and then the muslin pattern.  After measuring a few basics in my handbag, I added some length to the muslin so the bag could be that little bit deeper to accommodate all my {CRAPPOLA}.


I then set out to cutting the leather & once I had some off-cuts I started testing stitches on my machine and then {CLUCK CLUCK} one needle broke and it just got worse from there. Now my machine is refusing to stitch more than 4cm without making a birds nest at the back. {PEE’D OFF}. Ive tried everything from adjusting the tension to swopping out needles and experimenting with different sized needles. I just cannot get it to stitch further than the 4cm without the birds nest. I have resorted to contacting Husqvarna for advice – perhaps in all my disappointment I have missed something. Yesterday I received a note back from Husqvarna & they appear to be {ON MY CASE}. Im hopeful that we can find the problem & move on…

Until then, this project lies on the cutting table, clamped pegged and ready to rumble…

If you have any advice or any ideas on what could be the problem, I welcome them. Ive sewn leather many times before without a problem. Both pieces of leather measure no more than 2mm in thickness – it should be a breeze for my Sapphy 😦

leather_shopper_pausedThanks for stopping by x

3 thoughts on “{On the cutting table – leather bag}

    1. Hey there – leather needle {CHECK}, 100% polyester thread {CHECK}. Im going to try changing the thread to something else I havent tried. will keep ya posted if this helps 🙂

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