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{Vogue 2563}

Vogue 2563-f

This pattern is one of my first ever Vogue patterns to try & probably one that got me {HOOKED} on sewing way back when in 2001.

I made this black & white hibiscus print halter top many many years ago & because it screams {SUMMER} I dont get to wear it terribly often {maybe once or twice a summer season} so its stumbled through years of summers without showing any ‘wear or tear’.

Vogue 2563-b

I sewed version C which is the bias cut halter with back-button neckband, crossing over at the front with a lovely low back buttoning waist band. Tight enough to look fitted at the waist but loose enough to be comfortable. I used a polyester georgette which is probably not that user friendly for summer but since there is so much natural air-conditioning going on, poly was not a {SWEATY} problem.  I would imagine a cotton, soft linen or silk would be more suitable though. Being relatively beginner back in those days, I made a huge boo-boo & stitched the side darts too small so the fit around the side boob area was gaping & I had to go back to adjust…the thrills of a learning curve. yay.

The pattern has been {OOP} for some time but you can find a copy here if you are interested. I would recommend this pattern to anyone from an advanced beginner even though Vogue calls it a ‘basic design’.  Dress it down for the beach, dress it up for an evening dinner while on holiday – a lovely pattern with endless possibilities.

View my original review here.

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