{measuring tape courtesy of net-a-porter.com}

I recently purchased a pair of lovely shoes from Net-a-Porter. Shoes, nothing else i promise…but when i opened the box, they had included a little note to say thank you for the purchase (I was a first-time shopper with them) together with this simple cotton drawstring bag & inside a perfectly sized measuring tape (in inches & cms). Now i realise since this online store sells high-end fashion items they will do anything to make sure you have all the tools at hand to enable further purchases {BUT} this aside,  I love the idea of including little measuring tapes for first-time shoppers. Together with the measuring tape was a little card to record all your measurements for easy reference too. Genius!


Since Net-a-Porter retails brands from around the world, measuring yourself before you shop is imperative since as we already know, sizing varies around the world and therefore one should refer to their measurements rather than their “home country” sizing guide. Since the tape is palm-sized and light, it travels well too.

For anyone that is interested to know, my shopping experience with Net-a-Porter was nothing short of fabulous. They delivered promptly and their parcel was very well packaged and wrapped. Professional service at its best! & NO, this is not a sponsored post by said company..just incase anyone was wondering!

Thank you for stopping by x

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