{ironing station}

Our current laundry area is divided into 3 areas of the house. At the moment we have the washing machine in the upstairs bathroom (because thats currently where the water inlet is), I have ironing and dry hanging space temporarily in the guest bedroom next door to the bathroom & the dryer is down in the basement. Now hopefully during the course of early 2013, all of this will be consolidated into a sparkly new {DEDICATED} laundry area down in the basement only.

I started thinking what this means for me & my sewing & the fact that I cannot sew without pressing!! hmm..lugging the ironing board & big iron upstairs every time I need to sew & back down when Im finished …or walking up & down 2 levels to press every 5 minutes….No, that wont work because I have to pass the kitchen which means stopping for a tea & a chat & a quick look at the news and, and, and oh look…10pm!!

So instead, I decided to purchase the mini table top ironing board available from Ikea for €3,99 and paired it with the lovely Prym Mini Steam Iron.


The mini ironing board stands 12cm off whatever surface you place it on with dimensions of 73cm long x 32cm wide (29in x13in). The cover is 100% cotton & easily removable for washing..Bonus! The legs fold under the board & it has a hook on the broader end for easy storage/hanging inside a wardrobe or behind a door. Magic!


The mini steam iron is by Prym and I purchased mine here. It was delivered within a few days and I started using it immediately. The iron is mini and it does not pack as much of a punch as my big regular sized iron does but it works for the sewing room & until I find an alternative solution, this one will be fine. This iron is also the perfect size for travel and comes with its own little water-filler marked with the exact amount of water you require to fill.


The base plate has 4 steam holes towards the top of the plate (see image below) and 3 guidance settings for low / medium / high heat of which you are able to set in-between these settings as well.


Both the iron & the water-filler fit into a simple square drawstring bag for easy storage & travel.

The only aspect of the iron I dislike is the placement of the power cable…annoying does not even begin to describe it. Firstly, the cable is placed to low down on the base of the unit & therefore drags on the ironing board (for lack of a better way to describe it). I use a simple elastic band over the cord & around the handle to keep the cord UP and out of the way. Secondly, why oh why would they design a mini iron with a great big, regular sized, heavy plug???!

So, now that I have my mini ironing station sorted, I have no excuses for not finishing the Vogue 8601 that I have been procrastinating on for weeks! Review to follow soon…i hope :-0

Shout if you have any questions & thanks for stopping by x

2 thoughts on “{ironing station}

    1. Hi Pella – the mini irons dims are 13,5cm long (5in), 8,5cm wide (almost 3in) and stands 8,5cm high (3in). the handle part with the buttons & dial fits snug into the palm of your hand. I should have taken a pic of it next to my regular sized iron..perhaps i will still add a pic like this! thanks for the question & thanks for stopping by.

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