{GlossyBox / December 2012}

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My December GlossyBox “The Bejeweled Edition” arrived yesterday. Since all the goodies are things that I dont necessarily need to try before reviewing, I thought I would give a round-up of what was included and my thoughts.

The box is a lovely festive silver as opposed to the usual girly pink, perfect for Christmas. Immediately upon opening I saw the GlossyBox false lashes included as a Christmas pressie. Mine are very full, dense lashes which I look forward to wearing during the festive season. Lash glue is included however since I am so familiar with my own lash glue (Duo), I will not be using the glue included with the lashes. There was also a 10% off voucher for an online Douglas purchase, a sample size of Lolita Lempicka perfume & an invitation to win a bottle of Lolita Lempicka perfume (to enter online). Also included are a few Marbert products which were all extra.

The actual products for the December box are :

Cosline Concealer No. 965

This concealer comes in stick/pen form which is really quite handy should you need to throw this into your handbag although I cant believe I would ever need to touch up my concealer during the day…but ok. Also, my twist up mechanism does not work very well 😦 The texture is smooth and easy to apply however I prefer my concealer to be a little more liquid. The colour is also far to dark for me (especially during winter).  My initial impressions are good but not good enough to go out & purchase unfortunately. This sample is full product size of 1,2ml with a retail price of €9,00 (which in my opinion is totally overpriced). Made in Germany. My rating 4/10

Isadora Express Star Lipgloss

Hmmm…another Isadora lipgloss. Since I was not so enthusiastic about the last lipgloss included last month, you can imagine my disappointment when I opened the box & saw yet ANOTHER Isadora lipgloss. This time in colour 56 Reflecting Lilac. Although it gives a lovely glossyness, it really shows no colour on application. A little too sticky for my liking as well unfortunately. Sample size is 3,4ml. Original size is 8ml retailing at €13,50 (!!!). Made in Sweden. My rating 5/10

Maria Galland Stick Protection Solaire 199

My first thought was ‘how interesting – sun protection in the middle of winter’, but then I thought of skiing & how you really do need to protect yourself from the elements all year round. During skiing season, the reflection from the snow can be more damaging that middle of summer so yes, an SPF 50+ might not be a bad winter sample after all. Since I personally do not ski, le husband might find this sample more interesting/helpful than me. Sample size 8g. Original product size 8ml retailing for €19,50. Made in Italy. I cannot rate this because I have not tried it…yet!

Moschino Pink Bouquet Perfume

This is an ultra-feminine, sweet perfume with lashings of peach, jasmine & fruity pineapple notes. I am a complete perfume junkie but this did not appeal to me as much as I thought it might. I would purchase this for my young niece because to me, this fragrance does not shout sophisticated adult. Its fun, flirty & has a lovely summer feeling…again, not something I would expect in a winter box of goodies. Sample size is 5ml, original product size is 30ml with a retail value of €40,90. Made in Italy. My rating 7/10

Redken Forceful 23 Hairspray

I have been a Redken fan for almost 10+ years using their shampoo, conditioner & heat glide products for just as long. I have never tried their hairspray though so this was probably my favourite product of the entire box. This is a super strength finishing spray which I have already tried & super happy with. It tames frizz wonderfully & keeps my super thick heavy hair well wrapped up. Sample size is 75ml, original product size is 400ml retailing for €17,00. Made in France. My rating 9/10

Overall, I found the December GlossyBox to be pretty average (bar the lashes which are pretty glamourous) and although there were alot more samples than the 5 promised with each GlossyBox, I did find some of them unsuitable for me. Im not loving the Isadora lipglosses (incase you couldnt tell) so I will try one more box & if I get another Isadora lipgloss, I will cancel my monthly subscription. Yes, I am that pissed! 🙂 My overall rating of this months box is 6/10

Feel free to ask any questions on any of these products and have a good day.


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