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{12.12.2012 – a good place to start…}

Seems like a good day to get the consolidation of blog & pattern reviews started.

All the hype surrounding the 12.12.12 is mind boggling. One would swear we’ve NEVER.EVER had a repetition of date like this before. I for one remember quite clearly 8.8.88 and 9.9.99 and 10.10.10 and even 11.11.11 – the world lived through all of those so why in the hell would the world start to fall apart now. anyway, before i digress to much, let me get started on the first pattern review post…

Vogue V8438 (A)

This is the link directly to my original review :

I used a neutral & natural coloured wool tweed for the outer fabric & a cream satin for the inner lining of the coat. I loved the OTT clown-like collar however this was indeed the most difficult part to sew, not because it was complicated but because of the many many layers of tweed to sew through. I dotted machine stitches around where i could and where my machine was unable to stitch, I resorted to hand stitching. I finally got to put the metal thumb protector to good use.  At first I did not make the belt but after wearing the coat a few times, I realised the belt was an integral component helping to structure the silhouette and keep everything looking ready-to-wear-ish!

I really loved the process of putting this coat together, from start to finish. It was a simple pattern which, IMO, does not require OTT tailoring techniques or anything fussy. I think some real fun could be had with experimenting with colour combinations and different fabric weights. I would highly recommend this pattern & would make Version C (possibly without the ‘bell’ sleeves) in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t recommend this pattern to complete novice sewers however experienced beginners could complete this easily.  Good luck all.


Coat, back

Coat, inner

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