{hello world…}

Im siting here thinking :

this is worse than starting a conversation with a complete & utter stranger!

where do I start, what do I say!? oh geez, what have i started!!?? ok, here goes…

manners compels me to introduce myself but then again, i didn’t start this blog to show off my manner skills, i started this blog as a place to talk about sewing, crafting, beauty and all the things that fill MY life day to day, & hope that someone out there will enjoy the posts, possibly even find them amusing or helpful. ive followed fellow crafters blogs for years & i think i finally decided it was time that i joined in on the fun, put in my five cents worth and maybe (with a bit of luck) even make some new friends. awww

so friends, this is my first (very awkward) post. im here, ive got lots to tell you & i hope you will follow.  i cant promise how often i will post, it may be every day, once a week or once a month (depending on how busy i am) but i do honestly hope it will be frequent & entertaining.

welcome to my blog – i hope you enjoy your stay!

ps. i do have manners BTW & therefore i will be showing them off ,at least from time to time 🙂


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